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Why Kids LOVE Bounce Houses

If you have ever seen kids playing in a bounce house or an inflatable water slide then you already know what a huge hit they are for kids. For anyone who has never seen it or paid any attention to it I’ll say it plainly. THEY LOVE IT! Every kid, wether they have played on one or not will tell you that this is an awesome idea. Giant vibrant inflatables bring large amounts of life and huge entertainment to any backyard birthday party or event. 
Everyone who is in attendance at your party will be thoroughly impressed with the massive size and the fantastic party ambience the inflatable brings. Do your kids a favor and rent them a bounce house or an inflatable water slide this summer!

Bouncy House Party’s bounce houses are jam packed with endless hours worth of awesome fun things for kids to do. They will continuously enjoy scaling up the climbing feature to the top where they will sail down the zippy fast slide over and over again to their hearts content. Or have a slam dunk contest with the integrated soft basketball hoop. Or just spend time seeing how high the can bounce in the jumping are.
Hands down, renting a bounce house or water slide inflatable is a one of a kind idea. Bring the fun to your child’s party or next event. The options are endless! Cool down with a fun, wet and super slippery slide or soar to the heavens in one of our bounce houses. The possibilities are endless. Kids have way more fun and expound tons of energy on any of our inflatables. Now is the time to bring the excitement and delight this summer to your child’s content.

Planning a summer picnic at the park with friends or family? Bounce houses are a great addition to any planned event or last minute fun. 
Kids are wild at heart. It doesn’t take them long before they are bouncing to their full capacity and bursting at the seams because they are having that much fun! Every child’s eyes will light up when bounce houses or inflatable water slides come to your door. They’re eyes will be glued watching onward in eager anticipation for their next bounce house or water slide to be available until they can bounce into the night hours. Trust us, we’ve seen it time and time again.

Do yourself and your child a favor and bring the fun to your next shin dig and add a inflatable water slide, dry or wet and/or bounce house!
Dream on friends!! And have some fun while you’re doing it.